With a Mission ‘ZERO’ School drop-outs in identified remotest rural and Tribal villages, we carry out through village surveys, counselling of parents, and focused campaigns.

Poverty has been a major problem, where the rural folks drop out the children from schools and take them to agricultural works. Besides counselling and other modes of influencing the parents. We also Supply Back-Packs to all underprivileged children across identified rural villages and tribal hamlets.

Over the past 14 years of our journey, We have earned thousands of smiles while we supplied school bags filled with notebooks, all stationary items, water bottles, exam pads, compass boxes etc.

Mission1000Smiles: During the Academic Year (2017-18) in July and August months, we have accomplished 1041 Smiles at 20 Remotest/Tribal Schools across 8 districts in two states by travelling over 5000+ Kms, in the southern landscapes of India.

Tribal folks celebrating our BACK2SCHOOL Program at Yenki Thanda.

Story Map of Back2School

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