The Genesis

We are a group of like minded – IT Professionals, Engineers, Teachers, Social Activists, educators, volunteers and corporate executives dedicated to the task of Education and Empowerment as a means to SOCIAL and RURAL DEVELOPMENT. While many of our key contributors are full-time corporate executives employed with Indian and foreign firms and come from diverse professional backgrounds.

The Organization was formally registered on 28th March 2005 with Govt. of AP in India wide Registration number 200/2005. Our Krishi founding members then just finished their education in early 2000 years and taken up their first job. Their rural backgrounds, hardships, and hard work triggered them to take up education related and rural development related programmes in rural villages. We call every individual associated with our work as “Krishian” and will have equal respect of the existing members. We believe in diversity and inclusion – All of our programmes are designed to act above the caste, creed, religion, gender, age, backgrounds etc.

Our team continues to engage and grow with like minded individuals, organisations, and institutions who believe in the cause of bringing about progressive social change by providing quality education and vocational training aimed at skill enhancement for the underprivileged sections of society.

We welcome you to contribute towards our “Mission 1000 Smiles” by 2020; via composite educational programs built on the principles of learning by doing, experience through experimentation, Eco-friendly lifestyle, teamwork and peer education, digital literacy, leadership development, values based education etc.

We intend to address “Rural Development” over the years by means of wide-range of programmes leading to contribute for such progress and Development in the rural villages. The ultimate aim o the organization is to progress from “Endearing Smiles to Endearing Lives”. We call this as a Krishi Journey and our Krishians believe it as purpose to seek satisfaction in their lives, beyond their daily chorus related to work and family.