We provide necessary skills to EMPOWER Rural folks – including destitute women, unemployed youth and underprivileged. We closely work with NIRD-PR, NAC and other national level institutions in identifying the right opportunities to ensure equitable opportunities. Unless we empower the rural communities, it is not possible to build social enterprise eco-system.

We aim to accelerate the leadership appetite of energetic youth, like minded people and mentor them evolve as SERVANT LEADERS.

The society is desperately in need of a great foundation for human potential from parents, teachers and leaders – they together can play a greater role in building constructive societies.

Krishi EMPOWER Program in Warangal Rural Dist. In 2005
Krishi EMPOWER Program Singapur Village, Nirmal Dist. in 2017

Krishi EMPOWER Program – a Testimonial from Singapur Village, Nirmal District

KRISHI EMPOWER Program – Invoking Rural Women for self employment

Krishi EMPOWER Program – Guidance on marketing products

Krishi EMPOWER Program – Event at glance

Krishi EMPOWER Program – Solar Technician Training for Rural Youth

KRISHI EMPOWER Program – Inspiring Rural Youth and Women