This is our flagship program launched in 2019 to set up libraries in government run schools. This program will evolve over the years as a Resource Center for the village based on the support from stake holders and teachers

RR refers to the Routine, Regular, Recurring > Reading should be made as a habit to the children at primary grades. So that, they carry this habit for their life-time. 

EE refers to the Environment to endear > the library should have proper environment to make children to visit often and enjoy reading as one of their core activities. Besides we also encourage the teachers, parents and volunteers to participate in READ2CHILD activities.

A- A refers to Access and Accessibility > It is our basic responsibility to ensure ACCESS to books and library resource in-line with the expectations of the children. 

DD refers to Dialogue, Debate, and Discussion > we envision to make reading as an enjoyable experience and a collective activity. Where teachers, parents and volunteers will participate in READ2CHILD activities and discuss the contents of the book, Q & A sessions, play skits etc. Since children are more attracted to Storytelling sessions, occasionally we are also planning to invite Counselling Psychologists, Storytellers and Grand Parents, Senior Citizens on these activities. 

Outcomes envisioned from this program defined as LEAD:

L – L refers to Learning to LEADERSHIP > Getting to know about the world, biographies, exploring STEM subjects to evolve their own aspirations and direction in life. Our long-term objective of this program is to develop leadership skills by way of story-telling, public speaking, team building, collaborative sharing etc.

E – E refers to Enrichment, Exposure and Education > beyond their grade levels or curriculum. Enrichment activities will have a much broader focus and help the child explore a certain subject in a fun and interactive manner.

A – Refers to Aspiration > Provide rightful exposure and access to wide range of learning resources to the children at their primary grades. They will make up their alignment and start building up their aspirations at a very early age. It is okay, if they have to change their aspiration as they interested in other areas. Willingly setting up their own aspirations at an early age – will pull them in that direction. Otherwise, if the parents set the aspiration for children, they may not like it or it will go in to PUSH approach for parents. One day, the child will give up and may also lead to depression.

D – D refers to overall Development > by invoking the children’s inborn curiosity to learn, share and apply their education as they grow– Children are the building blocks of our future.